Ad Hoc Assessment Data Reporting Tools

CIM Inc. offers customers the option to include easy-to-use ad hoc reporting facilities to any custom software application. These facilities provide important analytical capabilities to organizations collecting the detailed information on interRAI assessment instruments. As important as looking at the person holistically during the assessment process is, it is equally important to periodically examine the dynamics within service populations through the review of on-demand summary statistics.

An effective tool for such analyses is CIM Inc.’s “Aggregate Profiler” software. It allows even novice users to generate frequency distributions on any assessment item or group of items for selected assessments in order to profile the nature of conditions and problems within a given service population. These kinds of reports can facilitate interdisciplinary team review of the needs and challenges faced by the people they serve, which can, in turn, supports effective program development and care planning efforts.

More complex analyses can also be supported by more advanced ad hoc reporting tools based on the “JasperServer Business Intelligence Suite” (JBIS) from JasperSoft, which CIM Inc. can configure so that customers with customized solutions have the capacity to develop multi-variant analyses, including two-item, three-item and even four-item cross-tabulations. These kinds of reports provide powerful insights into service populations by combining different variables to identify sub-populations with certain critical kinds of compounded conditions. An example of this would be to determine how many individuals in a certain service population had a reduced capacity for decision-making AND a reduced level of performance in their activities of daily living on their most recent assessment. If any are identified, then a drill-down capability would allow clinicians to specifically identify these vulnerable individuals. Users of these Ad Hoc tools would have the option to combine any item with any other item from the same assessment. Although generating these types of cross-tabulation outputs requires a greater understanding of data issues and skills in using more elaborate data analysis tools, the “drag and drop” tools in the Ad Hoc report generator of the JBIS allow even non-technical staff to efficiently generate quite sophisticated reports.